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Last night heard strange noises in forecastle.

forecastle (n.) 水手艙 

以下圖片有顯示位置(用滑鼠點圖, 圖會自動放大, 或請參照圖下所提供的網頁):


網頁主要是介紹五月花號, 裡面有介紹各個船艙部分可做為延伸閱讀:

Forecastle: Where the crew's meals were cooked, and where the crew's food and supplies were kept.

Poop House:  Nothing to do with a bathroom, the poop house was the living quarters for the ship's master (Christopher Jones) and some of the higher ranking crew, perhaps master's mates John Clarke and Robert Coppin.

Cabin:  The general sleeping quarters for the Mayflower's twenty or thirty other crewmembers.  The crew slept in shifts.

Steerage Room: This is where the pilot steered the Mayflower.  Steering was done by a stick called a whip-staff that was moved back and forth to move the tiller, which in turn moves the rudder.

Gun Room:  This is where the powder, shot, and other supplies were stored for the ship's guns and cannons.

Gun Deck:  The gun deck is where the cannon were located.  On merchant ships, this deck was used to hold additional cargo.  In the Mayflower's case, the gun deck is where the passengers lived on the voyage to America.

Capstan and Windlass:  Large apparatus which were used to lift and lower heavy cargo between the decks.

Cargo Hold:  This is where the Pilgrims would have stored their cargo of food, tools, and supplies during the voyage.

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